Wig colors

Our new root colors are also an inspiration from nature. Whatever your natural color, you always see a slightly darker shade at the root area of the new hair growth and lighter tones at the ends. This is exactly the nature of our root colors, which are more like your own hair than ever before.

We offer these guidelines in selecting your perfect color. First if you want a perfect match, it is always best to provide us with a swatch of your own hair.

Generally, shades darker than your natural color will pale the face, and shades significantly lighter than your natural color tend to wash out your complexion. Remember that the goal is to achieve natural harmony between your complexion tone, hair color and eye color.

Actual hair color may vary by computer monitor and other factors. Also, colors listed below are our most popular colors and whilst other colors are available, we do not offer them below unless requested.

In-case we do not have the exact color requested available we will have expert color technicians attempt to match your order or color samples matched to the nearest shade. We also show colors here which aren't available in all styles.

Extra COLOR SERVICES including Highlights/Lowlights, Dying, Rooting, Custom Color are available. Please see our SERVICES page on this site.

1B – Blue/Black

(Asian/Middle Eastern)

2 – Darkest Brown

6/2 – Darkest Brown with medium brown highlights

8/2 – Darkest Brown with warm brown highlights

33/2 – Darkest Brown with Burgundyhighlights

 4 – Dark Brown

8/4 – Dark Brown with warm brown highlights

(Asian/Middle Eastern)

10/4 – Dark Brown with warm brown highlights

33/4 – Dark Brown with Burgundyhighlights

C/4 – Dark Brown with Cinnamon (orange/brown) highlights

6 – Medium Brown

8/6 – Medium Brown with

warm brown highlights


10/6 – Medium Brown with

Dirty Blond highlights

12/6 – Medium Brown with

Blond highlights


16/6 – Medium Brown with

Light Blond highlights

12/7 – Medium/Light Brown with Blond highlightsn

10/6/8 – Dirty blond highlights on medium & warm brown base

30/6/8 –Orangered highlights on medium & warm brown base

8 – Warm brown

12/8 – Warm blond highlights on a  medium brown base

14/8 – Medium blond highlights on a  medium brown base

16/8 – Light blond highlights on a  medium brown base

16/10 – Mixed:

Dirty & light Blond

16/12 – Warm medium blond

27/14/12 – Strawberry blond

24/14/12 – Golden blond

24/16 – Platinum (yellow) blond

16/18 – Dirty ash blond

18/22 – Light ash blond

18/24 – Medium ash blond

27/27/30 – Strawberry orange/red

30 –Orange/red

32 – Auburn

33 –Burgund

Cinnamon – Orangebrown

Ginger – Ginger brown

500 – Tinted red/blond/brown

600 – Tinted blond/brown (blond tips on brown roots)

38 – 10% grey on warm brown base

44 – Salt & pepper with 50% grey coveragen

51 – Salt & pepper with 65% grey coverage

60 – Silver white


92 – 80% grey coverage